Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleeping at the Zoo

Let me preface this with I have been truly blessed with children who love their sleep. There is no denying that either of them love naps and bedtime.

I had a very interesting night last night. Reece decided he was going to boycott bed for at least 3 hours. He has made this executive decision for the past few nights. Keeley came to this conclusion the second week of her life and it almost drove me to a nervous breakdown from sleep deprivation. So taking what I learned from Keeley, I applied that to last night. After feeding Reece, changing his diaper, holding him, rocking him for over an hour, I laid him down and walked out. A Mom can only take so much! I closed his door, closed our door, and turned down the monitor. At some point I fell asleep and so did he. And then it came flooding back to me..."oh yeah, it isn't the end of the world to let him cry himself to sleep." Low and behold we each slept 5 hours straight and it was WONDERFUL. To all you Moms out there that sleep on your child's floor while they cry, stay up all hours rocking, walking, and singing, have easily gone 3 days without sleep, don't! Lay that baby down and go to bed. There is no shame in letting them cry themself to sleep. It won't hurt them :) just mostly hurts you to hear them cry.