Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This is my second Mother's day and I have to tell you they get better each year! I was very blessed to have a wonderful mother growing up.  Did I like my Mom when I was 16? Absolutely not and I'm sure the feeling was mutual.  However, she did a fantastic job raising 4 children who turned out pretty darn good.  Are we perfect (I'd like to think I'm pretty darn close HAHAHA just kidding) but so far we have turned out to be decent people.  The only thing that my Mom failed at as a mom was taking time for herself.  I never saw that woman spend one second of any day to take time for herself.  From sunrise to sunset, she was constantly being a cleaning lady, cook, chauffeur, shopper, avid sports fan, devoting every second of every day to us.

So in honor of my second mother's day, for once I will not follow in my mother's footsteps and start taking time for myself.  I have decided to get healthy and invest more time in my mental and physical well being.  There will be days that the house will not look spotless, dirty dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor.  There will be days when I will not cook dinner and we will eat leftovers or freezer meals already made.  There will be days when I will not devote all my time to my children.  I am going to take at least 30 minutes of my day to run, walk, do some form of exercise.  Because I feel I can't be the best mom to my kids if I'm not healthy and devote some time to myself.  I am also going to take at least 10 minutes of each day to read my bible.  Amongst many of the amazing things my Mom did, she did a fantastic job of raising us with some form of relationship with God.  I want that for my kids.  He has truly blessed us and I want my children to have a relationship with him.  How can they have that if right now I don't invest some time into my own relationship with him.

Here is to all you Momma's out there! May you have some "me" time whatever that may be for you.