Monday, April 16, 2012

Hail Purdue

This past weekend, Purdue University held their annual Spring football game and family funfest. Every school hosts an event, the football players interact with kids at different stations while they participate in football drills, and hold their spring football scrimmage. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative and all we were able to do was the drills with the football players. The kids had an amazing time! And even though the weather was uncooperative, we still had a great time.

I have vivid memories of visiting Purdue when I was little for football or basketball games. My Mom would pack lunches and we would picnic on Slayter hill before a football game. I have always loved being up at Purdue which was why it was a no-brainer that I would go there after high school. No words can describe how exciting it is to share that same love with my children. Keeley could say "boiler up" at 18 months and can sing parts of Hail Purdue at 2 years old. This is one proud mommy :).

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