Monday, January 14, 2013

The Zoo's Christmas 2012

This post is a little late considering Christmas was almost a month ago but I wanted to share some pictures with everyone!

We had so much fun this Christmas.  Christmas as a child is great but Christmas as a parent is AMAZING! It's so much better as a parent. To see your children's excitement and their anticipation of that day is something to behold.  This was the first year Keeley really understood Christmas.  We did Elf on the Shelf, our elf's name is Kyle (affectionately named after her Uncle Kyle. Seems appropriate since we have a mischievous elf). Keeley wasted no time on Christmas morning putting on all of her "Santa" garb that he had left for her as you can tell by the one picture.  Reece, well was Reece.  Mr. Happy go lucky.  His favorite gift was his Little Tikes truck, which Keeley has equally enjoyed.  It was such a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait for Christmas 2013!

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